Chakra Health

Let’s talk Chakra health…

Is your chakra health important?  How do you know if your chakras need a checkup?  The answer to that question is… Easy, unless you do lots of work on balancing your chakras and spiritual and emotional health, you most likely need some tuning up.

What are the chakras?  The 7 main chakras are “energy centers” for our soul.  The word “Chakra” actually comes from the Sanskrit word that means wheels of light.  These energy centers control our Spirituality, Awareness, Communication, Love, Power, Sexuality, and Foundation.  Each chakra is associated with a color as represented in the picture.

So, for instance let’s talk about how you would know if you may have an imbalance…

Are you someone who has a hard time speaking up for themselves?  If so, you may have an imbalance in your Throat Chakra, color blue.  Have trouble with will power or are you someone who always has to have control?  Most likely there is an imbalance in your Solar Plexus Chakra, color yellow.  Make sense?  Okay, so how do you work towards balancing those chakras?

How do I balance my Chakras?

There are lots of things you can do to regain balance in your chakras.  Wearing the colors of the chakra that needs balancing with intention is a simple thing you can do to help.  Laying with corresponding crystals on your chakras for ten to fifteen minutes is a great way to tune up the chakras.  Chakra balancing meditation is very helpful, as meditation is always helpful.  Visualization of the chakras rotating in a clockwise manner at their full color and glowing brightly like suns is one of my favorite remedies.  The most effective way is probably energy work or Reiki.  This can be done to yourself or by another person.  It is a highly effective way of balancing and clearing the chakras.

I am a Reiki master, but also was spirit led by in my learning of energy work…If you want to check into this service, feel free to check out the options for energy work at my website.

Here’s to good physical health and also good chakra health!



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