Danielle is a coach, helping you navigate through the challenges of life, with support, empowerment, and the energy of the universe. She kindly guides you through your own solutions and positively imparts direction.  With her help all things are possible!  ~Rana

How do I begin to say How Dani’s reading has changed my life and has made me able to find peace in my life? I was very lost in emotion and grief when I first met Danielle Butler and was skeptical if this would help. I had loss my second husband and wasn’t sure on the plan for my life or the purpose.   After the first reading I felt so much better about my direction.   She knew things that only I knew and my husband.   Her own emotions during our readings makes it even more personal.    (I have tried several mediums and have never felt this kind of peace after a reading)   I will continue to utilize Dani’s gift and enjoy the friendship we have made thru this service.     Thanks Danielle!  ~Bobi

There aren’t words that sufficiently describe what Dani Jo has given me. I’ve had numerous readings, a chakra balancing session, guided meditation/hypnosis, and now a relationship with someone I know I can always count on. After my sessions with her, I felt like ME again… And that’s the special part about Dani and the work she does— she makes you feel whole again, and that’s something you can’t just find anywhere. I’ve found myself in the dark many times, and she’s the light that helped guide me through and out of it. Her relationship with spirit is noticeably special and radiates off of her. During sessions, she makes you feel comfortable and gives a sense of safeness. It’s like talking to someone you’ve known your entire life. I jumped into this with an open mind and I genuinely believe EVERYONE would benefit from this. I plan on integrating sessions with her as often as she can squeeze me into her schedule.  ~Kiyana

I have a couple of readings with Danielle. She was spot on many things. A kinder, loving, caring and giving soul you will have have a hard time meeting. Highly recommended! I will be using her gift again.  ~Marshal

Dani Jo has, not only, amazing spirit-guided gifts but is also an ever-growing, compassionate soul who seeks to increase understanding and goodness in our communities. We had never met before when I first arranged a reading with Dani. She had no idea who would be in attendance and yet, every person was given the gift of specific messages from loved ones. My most dynamic one was a message to be shared with extended family 1,000 miles away. Dani’s gift healed broken hearts and gave those people new hope after an unspeakable tragedy. My eyes were opened to the miracle of medium-ship!  Dani’s work with essential oils & energy work now complements her already incredible skills. And all this is offered through her kind & gentle spirit that fills the room. My heart is eternally grateful to have found you, Danielle ♥  ~Charla

Meeting Danielle has been the most wonderful experience in my life. She is an amazing (really beyond amazing) person. I have truly benefited from her readings and would recommend her to anyone that needs to find closure or would like to learn more about after death. She’s the best! Thank you!  ~Candy