What is Intuition?

Are you keeping your flame lit?

Definition of Intuition;
1 : quick and ready insight
2 a : immediate apprehension or cognition
b : knowledge or conviction gained by intuition
c : the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

This definition of Intuition taken from Merriam-Webster explains to us that intuition is direct knowledge without rational thought. This is our inner knowing. We are all born with it and we all have the ability to develop it as strong as we want or we can ignore it all together.  Our intuition is our direct link to spirit, God, the Divine, source, or whatever you choose to call the higher power. So, ignoring it is not in our best interest. When we ignore that connection, we take our life into our own hands and don’t rely on faith, spirit, intuition, or the Divine connection that is meant to be a direct link to help us in life.

Intuition: Your Built-in Pilot Light

Here is a great way to understand intuition. Think about every human being as being born with a pilot light. A small little flame deep inside our physical and spiritual bodies. That flame is there automatically, we don’t have to ask for it. If we do things to grow that intuition, such as prayer, meditation, good deeds, uplifting others, seeking answers to our spiritual knowledge, etc. our pilot light glows bright, stays strong, because we are feeding it with the gas it needs to keep us warm. On the other hand, if we do things that are unhealthy for us like excess drinking, drug use, violent behavior, or arguing for example, our light gets weak.  It can get very dim and on occasion, it can be put completely.

Intuition: That Gut Feeling

When you get a feeling about something or you have a bad feeling in your gut, that is your intuition. It is actually your connection to God or Divine, and also your spirit guides. They are “guiding” and helping you to know information that will be helpful to you in life. It is similar to when you start thinking about something and have a feeling you should look into it or be doing this specific thing.  Have you ever felt a “gut” feeling about someone and ignored it only to find out later you should have trusted it? That intuition is meant to be a guide or lead for us in life. The more things we do to grow that intuition, the better we can understand and follow it.

Things you can do to increase your intuition and help your spiritual growth are prayer, meditation, drinking more water, eating healthier, using essential oils, yoga, journaling, doing good deed, use of crystals, sage, and other healing tools,  or reading about spiritual books among other things. Also, devoting time to your self-growth should be high priority. Set some time aside each week to devote to yourself.  Here’s to feeding that pilot light!  I hope yours shines bright!


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  1. I love the imagery that this invokes. ♥ The pilot light metaphor is an especially wonderful image. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice!!

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