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Danielle is a coach, helping you navigate through the challenges of life, with support, empowerment, and the energy of the universe. She kindly guides you through your own solutions and positively imparts direction.  With her help all things are possible!   ~Rana

Dani Jo is a Psychic Medium, Teacher & Healer. 

How can she assist you?

What to Expect from a Reading:

This service is spirit guided where Dani Jo will connect to her guides to understand what is best for you at the time. You may need life guidance, a connection with a loved one who has crossed over, or divine guidance about healing. You can best prepare for this session by being open to receiving what is in your highest good. Try not to focus on expecting something in particular, instead, spend a little time before your appointment and ask for what you need. Ask your loved ones to step forward for you and also that you receive the guidance or healing that is needed at the time. Very often what we think we need and what spirit thinks we need are not the same, spirit always knows what is best for us.

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What to Expect from Energy Work:

This service is spirit guided where Dani Jo will connect to the divine and your energy centers or "chakras" to see what information is being shown at the time. Very often past lives and spirit guides are shown to Dani Jo during this work and also the blockages you have in your chakras are shown so that you understand what may be holding you back in life. Dani Jo will connect to the divine energy and allow it to flow through her to allow healing in your chakras. The positive effects from this can be felt right away as a sense of peace and also balance.

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What to Expect from a One to One Spiritual Mentoring:

This service is tailored just for you! Everyone has a divine path in this lifetime. Wondering what is next for you? Wanting to learn how to follow your own intuition? Learn how to use angel cards? The possibilities are endless for this session. Let Dani Jo use her natural teaching abilities to help you in your spiritual journey. Book a session today!

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