Signs & Synchronicities

True Stories that Inspire & Empower

“Signs & Synchronicities” is a collection of inspiring stories of profound connection. The contributors of this book generously share their beautiful and vulnerable experiences, illuminating the power of divine guidance in our lives.

Allow these inspiring tales be a roadmap, providing evidence of the unseen forces that shape our lives. Open your heart and mind to an undeniable truth: We are not alone, and the Universe always has our back. Magic exists in the everyday moments of life!

Illuminate The Dark

A true story: from the depths of darkness

The event we now refer to as ‘Mom’s attack’ was the catalyst for her decline, and it lasted over five hours. At seventy-nine, she was punched, kicked, choked, beaten with a broom, and forced to have sex. Having all the food from the fridge thrown at her while huddled on the kitchen floor, her husband dragged her across the room by her hair, tormented by the man who was supposed to protect and love her.

Her night of hell finally ended when he eventually fell asleep on the couch. . .

Guided, Directed and Protected

My path to spiritual awakening

Paranormal, spiritual awakening was something author Danielle Butler never considered until she realized she had the gift of clairvoyance well into her adult years. But, one day, her Spirit guides came calling—and, she listened. Learning from their wisdom, she is now a medium, healer, and teacher, helping others to their own paths of paranormal spiritual awakening. Guided Directed and Protected chronicles Butler’s path to psychic spiritual awareness, recounting how she arrived on the doorstep of a life she never imagined. Her most important message, however, to all readers? You, too, have the light—everyone does. You just have to want to find it.

Sacred Soul Gratitude Journal

When you’re navigating daily life, sometimes it’s tricky to stay positive—but, when you think of what you have instead of what you lack, an interesting thing happens—life gets better! That’s where your Sacred Soul Gratitude Journal comes in—by taking a few minutes to remember what’s positive, you’ll improve your quality of life more than you can imagine! The best thing? It only takes a few minutes a day!