Path of the Luminous Warrior

Join Dani Jo on the Path of the Luminous Warrior – a year-long course in enlightenment.

What to expect

Embarking on the path of the luminous warrior involves recognizing your sacred soul and embracing consciousness to conquer fear. This transformative journey prioritizes community, encouraging the sharing of light. Commitment to self and a devoted practice for higher vibration is deemed essential, reflecting a philosophy of having no enemies and fostering unity.

The luminous warrior upholds impeccability in words and deeds, allowing inner light to prevail over darkness. Courage is celebrated as a guiding virtue, urging individuals to navigate challenges through the lens of love. This course equips participants to embody these principles, guiding them towards higher consciousness and spiritual fulfillment.

Who may benefit

Start on a transformative journey with 12 unique learning units. Each week, explore lessons and videos, totaling 52 sessions. Engage in monthly live Zoom discussions with Dani Jo for deeper insights. Join the Luminous Warriors Facebook group for connection and community. This course offers a priceless experience with 12 lives, 52 lessons, and a supportive community. Join us for a journey of growth and connection.

Course overview

This course welcomes individuals at all levels, whether beginners or experienced individuals, and is open to anyone ready to embrace their potential. It provides a valuable opportunity for those seeking accountability, feeling lost, in need of direction, and ready to discover their truest selves.


Dedicate yourself

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to a higher vibration and level up your spirituality, then the Path of the Luminous Warrior is calling to you. It will be an entirely unique experience and the topics covered will benefit you even if you have taken previous classes with me.


Starting Date

Class starts on January 1st and will go for the entirety of 2024!


Course Price

The price of this course is $1,222 for 2024. Enrollment is not currently open for 2025.