Dani Jo will use her psychic abilities to look at your personal situation regarding love, career, or other situations to help you determine the best choices for you.

What to expect

You will receive details that will bring clarity for your path. You are always the one in control of your life and making decisions for yourself is important. Life paths change frequently when we make decisions, and nobody can tell you for certain every detail about your future.

Tarot or Oracle card are most often used to confirm what Dani Jo is feeling intuitively. The cards are a divination tool to be used in conjunction with a psychic ability. Cards may be pulled on any area of life, or just in a general manner.

Who may benefit

Any person who is feeling unsure about the future. Whether you are completely feeling lost or trying to determine between multiple choices for your life, Dani Jo can help you make those choices confidently. From time to time we all have decisions to make that may seem overwhelming. Dani Jo and Spirit will guide you through this time.

How to Prepare


Prepare questions

Be clear on what you would like to ask.


Be open

Receive guidance that Spirit wants you to hear, even if it contradicts what you are feeling. Many times people are not willing to hear what they need.

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