Everyone is born with the ability to connect to the spiritual realm. Dani Jo can you help you discover how you do!

What to expect

Dani Jo will cater all mentoring sessions to the needs of the client. Through Spiritual Mentoring you may learn how to tap into your own spiritual gifts. Dani Jo can guide you to listen to your intuition, learn to quiet your mind for meditation, or help you come to peace with any spiritual struggles you may be dealing with. Dani Jo is a natural teacher, helping others learn to use their ability to see, hear, and feel things with their own senses.

Who may benefit

Often in life we begin to feel there must be something more. This can happen at any age or any stage. This feeling is often a push by your Spirit Guides that you need to be open to your own spiritual nature. We all have a purpose. Dani Jo can help you connect with yours.

How to Prepare


Have an open mind

Be open to discover what your gifts and talents may be. Dani Jo may walk you through meditations or teach you how to connect to your own abilities. Mentoring sessions will vary for each client and each session.

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