Dani Jo will connect to one or more of your personal guides.

What to expect

Your Spirit guides are the team of advisors you set up for yourself before your incarnation into this lifetime. These masters or “guides” will direct you in life through feelings, synchronicities, and signs. These guides may be healers, teachers, warriors, and more. In your session, Dani Jo may bring through their names, description of their appearance, their personality traits, how to recognize their energy, and their specific purpose with you. We typically have a main guide from birth and several guides who come for specific lessons over time.

Who may benefit

Those on a spiritual journey who are ready and willing to receive guidance from their team of advisors. If you are just beginning a spiritual journey or feel you are well enlightened, you may benefit from knowing your guidance team. These guides want to help you follow your true path to enlightenment. 

How to Prepare


Meditate ahead of time

Your guides are high vibrational beings which require us to raise our vibration to connect with them.


Come with an open mind

You must have an open mind and the willingness to hear what your guides are wanting you to receive.

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