Dani Jo will work through a series of hypnotherapy techniques to get you relaxed and use your subconscious to guide us to find any emotional or spiritual blockages.

What to expect

Many emotional problems and conflicts, along with physical and mental irregularities are eased or eliminated through spirit releasement therapy. The experience can be quite profound.

Emotional blockages can be traumas experienced in this lifetime or a past life. Spiritual blockages can be an earth-bound spirit “EB” or dark force entity “DFE.” Earth-bound spirits are souls who have not crossed into the light and are looking for a “host” to live through. They may find people with a low vibration which makes it easy for them to attach. The dark force entities attach the same way, through low vibration, yet these entities are generally not souls who lived an earthly life.

It can be difficult for a person to know if they have an attachment. Some signs are very subtle, such as depression, mood swings, and such. Other times it can be so profound that there is no doubt. These experiences may be hearing someone else’s thoughts, doing things you would not ordinarily do or say, and feeling as though you are never alone, in an uncomfortable way.

Who may benefit

Those requiring spirit therapy are usually having some emotional or physical symptoms. Depression, anxiety, and physical ailments can all be signs of a need for SRT. Dani Jo will help you to discover the spiritual attachments, emotional attachments, or actual entities that are causing you to not live life to your full potential. Not all who suffer with depression, anxiety, and physical ailments are requiring SRT, so if we get into your session and there is not a need for a release, we will finish your session with energy healing.

How to Prepare


Relax and have an open mind

By allowing yourself a little vulnerability, in a safe environment, Dani Jo can help you release things that have been holding you back.


Be calm

If we do find EB or DFE attachments, you must remain calm and allow Dani Jo to guide you through a series of converstaions to communicate with and release these entities.


Wear comfortable clothes

You will be relaxing on a therapy table. Blankets and pillows are provided for your comfort.


Limit your caffeine consumption before your session

You need to be as relaxed as possible.


If your session is virtual, have a quite, private location

You want to eliminate distraction and be able to lay down for your session.

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