What to expect

For a typical session, you will lay on the floor next to Dani Jo. As a shaman, Dani Jo will enter an altered state, non-ordinary reality, where her power animals will help her journey to where the pieces of your soul have gone during your traumatic events. She will be able to tell you what pieces of you have returned and help you understand how to integrate them back into your being.

Who may benefit

Every person who is living has trauma. Therefore, any person may benefit from this service. It is another tool in healing our soul through spiritual means.

How to Prepare


Wear comfortable clothes

You will be relaxing on the floor.


You will feel emotional

Feeling emotional is a strong possibility and is completely normal.


Have an open mind

Allow yourself to be open to receiving the missing parts of you.


Be patient

You may feel lighter right away or it may take days to feel the parts of you that have reintegrated.

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