Dani Jo will help you to relax through hypnosis techniques that will allow your subconscious to recall events that need healing.

What to expect

Past Life Regression Therapy or PLRT is a special process that helps one recall events or memories from previous lifetimes, and uses the information obtained to help enhance their life to live in full potential. Hypnosis, a deep state of relaxation where you are still in control and will remember everything, is used to aide relaxation and recalling events.

Age Regression therapy or ART can heal known or unknown trauma that has occurred at any age in this lifetime. Your subconscious recalls the memories and allows us to release the negative emotion related to the trauma. ART can be an emotional session but very therapeutic and can remove blockages holding you back.

Who may benefit

There is no person in the world who does not have some emotional trauma. It is part of the reason that we incarnate. Our purpose is to learn lessons and heal from them. Everyone can benefit in some way from regression healing. You need to allow yourself to be open to light hypnosis and letting your mind visualize.

How to Prepare


Wear comfortable clothes

You will be relaxing on a therapy table. Blankets and pillows are provided for your comfort.


Limit your caffeine consumption before your session

You need to be as relaxed as possible.


You will feel emotional

Feeling emotional is a strong possibility and is completely normal.


If your session is virtual, have a quite, private location

You want to eliminate distraction and be able to lay down for your session.


Get familiar with the visualization process

Listen to guided meditations which can be found on YouTube.This will help you understand and get familiar with the visualization process.

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