Dani Jo will use her psychic and mediumship abilities to help you heal your grief, your relationships, your life, and your soul.

What to expect

Dani Jo is an intuitive healer using all her senses when working on your behalf.  As she begins to open-up for your session, she allows Spirit to work through her, bringing you the messages of healing you need.

Your loved ones will share details that will confirm that you are connecting with those in Spirit. There is no guarantee who may come through in your reading.

Your session may bring through details about your life path; past, present, and future. Dani Jo will help you to heal through messages of love, encouragement, and hope.

Who may benefit

A private reading can bring peace to anyone who has lost a friend, family member, or pet. Yes, pets come through often in a reading as well.

Dani Jo’s ability to bring through details of an after-life and the confirmation that your loved ones are at peace and want you to be happy is a true blessing. Skeptic or believer, you will benefit from a session of healing and peace.

Those seeking life guidance will receive details that bring clarity for their individual path. You are always the one in control of your life and making decisions for yourself is important. Life paths change frequently when we make decisions, and nobody can tell you for certain every detail about your future.

Private session is for one person, a couple’s session is for any two persons.

Small and large groups are also available to book online for in-person only. If you would like to do a group at your location, by Zoom video conference, or have a group larger than 9, please contact the office at 605-569-1417.

How to Prepare

Whether this is your first session or you are a returning client, Dani Jo’s warm, compassionate nature will put you at ease.


Have an open mind

Be open to receiving the information that Spirit wants you to hear.


Bring items belonging to loved ones

If you are having an in-person session and hope to contact a loved one, bring items belonging to, or pictures of those loved ones. Dani Jo does not need these items. However, they may bring different energy or memories to your session.

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